Lawn Dethatching
 Professional Dethatching in Pewaukee, WI

Lawn care experts know that dethatching lawns is the most important lawn maintenance chore that most homeowners overlook. Every lawn has a layer of thatch at its base, made up of both living and dead grass stems and roots. As a lawn continues to build up this layer over time, necessary nutrients, water, and air can be blocked.

The result is a lawn that looks green on the top, but is brown and dead looking near the bottom of the blades. A lawn with too much thatch often looks brown and has a scalped appearance after being mowed. It can also feel spongy when you walk on it. Since water isnít properly absorbed, a lawn with too much thatch is hard to keep watered and may dry out easily.

Why Dethatching Helps

Using specialized power-raking and other equipment, your lawn care professional can remove excess thatch. This is a job that must be done properly and carefully. If dethatching is done too deeply, it can actually destroy a lawn, requiring re-seeding or re-sodding. Done properly, though, dethatching can transform a sickly-looking lawn into a beautiful lush lawn you can be proud of.

Dethatching encourages new growth at the very bottom of grass stems. It restores the ability of the lawn to breathe and accept water. Dethatching also encourages new shoots to grow. The result is a better-looking, healthier lawn that is easier to maintain.

No Job for Amateurs

While it is possible to rent equipment to dethatch a lawn, itís not a job most homeowners should tackle. The equipment is expensive to rent, and proper height adjustment is not easy to accomplish. Hand thatching rakes are available, but require many hours of backbreaking work. You can buy a special dethatching blade for your lawnmower, but those donít do the job properly, either. Worst of all, the debris created by a proper dethatching can fill several pickup beds, making disposal a real problem for homeowners.

How Often and When To Dethatch

As with most lawn maintenance tasks, the frequency of dethatching depends on grass type and many other factors. Some grasses need dethatching more often than others. Typically, though, an annual dethatching is a great way to guarantee a healthy, lush lawn.

The ideal time for dethatching a Wisconsin lawn is in the spring, when grass is just beginning to green up and begin growing. Dethatching, though, should not be done while the soil is still wet and spongy, to avoid pulling up grass by the roots.

Lawns R Us Ė Wisconsin Dethatching Experts

Lawns R Us has the proper equipment and expert lawn technicians you need to dethatch your lawn and remove all resulting debris. If youíre already a Lawns R Us customer, your lawn care crew will suggest a dethatching when it is necessary. If youíre not already a customer, contact Lawns R Us today for a free, no-obligation lawn evaluation. If your lawn needs dethatching for its health and beauty, weíll quote you an affordable price for the job.

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