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Lawn Fertilization

Lawns R Us will evaluate your lawn and recommend a program most beneficial to your individual lawn needs (between 3-5 treatments). As a "Family Owned Business", we take great pride in providing you personalized service. References available upon request.

Our services include:
  1. Early Spring - The 1st visit will consist of a preemergemt for crabgrass control. It also includes a high quality spring green-up and winter recovery. Broadleaf weed control will be used as needed.
  2. Late Spring - This treatment consists of controlled release dry granular fertilizer to promote feeding your grass "naturally" through the root system. It also includes liquid weed control for broadleaf weeds.
  3. Summer - This treatment will consist of high quality controlled release fertilizer to maintain your turf's vigor and color. Broadleaf weed control will be used as needed. We will also inspect your lawn for possible insect and disease problems. Insect control will be used as needed (additional cost for fungicide and Merit).
  4. Late Summer - This treatment consists of high quality, slow release dry granular fertilizer to thicken your lawn and provide the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Broadleaf weed control and insect control will be used as needed.
  5. Fall - The last treatment of the year consists of a winterizing dry granular fertilizer to promote root growth and protect against winter disease. It also enhances early spring green-up.
All of Lawns R Us's lawn services are guaranteed and applied with fully trained and licensed technicians using only EPA approved products. Let us show you what Lawns R Us can do for you. You have nothing to lose but the full beauty your landscape has to offer. Call us today at 1-262-746-9000.

Pewaukee Landscaping

Lawns R Us is a landscaping contractor providing lawn care, fertilization, landscape, landscaping, snow plowing & removal, retaining walls, tree trimming, shrub pruning, ponds, waterfalls, patios, walkways, sprinkler installation, & holiday lighting services to Brookfield, WI, Chenequa, WI, Delafield, WI, Hartland, WI, Merton, WI, Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Nashotah, WI, Pewaukee, WI, Oconomowoc, WI, & Waukesha, WI.

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